“We are never more our truest selves than when we’re at play.”

#facts #notfakenews

The above quote encapsulates the way I like to approach life in general - especially when someone happens to be in front of my camera. I’m passionate about capturing my fellow human beings as their most playful, loving, daring, sensual, funny captivating and just plain limitless selves. But why would you want to be photographed any other way?


I get it. Being on camera can be scary. Being playful can be scary. But what’s more scary than either of these things?

What life looks like when we don’t leave space for play.

To me, that’s scary as hell. Imagine a life where you’re always holding back for fear of whatever.

No thank you.

When you walk through the door of my studio you’re free to be you. The true you. Your very best self. You get it. You probably wouldn’t have read this far if you didn’t. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you in the studio soon.

Standard Bio-y Stuff:

Michael is a New York based Professional Photographer, Actor and Founder of SoHo Creative Studio. He holds an MFA in Acting from Rutgers University and a BA in Acting & Directing from DeSales University. Michael continues to work actively in both the digital and film mediums.