How To Look More Beautiful or Badass In Your 2018 Photos

I thought it would be great to kick the year off with a simple tip that will help you look more beautiful (or badass) in all the amazing photos you'll be taking of yourself in 2018. 

Next week I'll be talking about how to beat your anxiety (both on-camera and off) so stay tuned. But first, here's a quick tip to use that attractive photos are really all about: Light.

I'm not a technical photographer. I like to keep things simple, clean, fresh and compelling. I'm not one to use 3 or 4 or 10 light set ups. More often than not, I'll only use one and, at the most, 2. My favorite kind of light is natural light. Specifically, window light. It's what I use in my studio for all my headshot work because of how damn flattering and sexy it makes people look. I also use window light to have all the benefits with none of the responsibilities of that thing called weather. Right now it's about 5 degrees in New York so taking attractive photos outside sans runny nose and red face isn't an option. Below are two completely unretouched photos of yours truly using just window light. 


For the photo on the left I used what most would consider "beauty" light. I'm facing the window directly with the camera (or cell phone camera) between myself and the window. As you can see - this is even, beautiful and flattering light. It doesn't leave any harsh shadows on my face. One note, there is no direct sunlight coming in through the window. Direct sunlight is a bad thing and, for the most part, to be avoided. 

The photo on the right I used the exact same window but turned on a 45 degree angle. In this case the same light creates much more shadow and shows off the angles of the face more. When directors or photographers want to give a subject more edge, this is one of the ways to do it. 

Here's a video of me showing you how this works:


I looking forward to seeing all the the wildly attractive and compelling videos and photos you guys are going to create over the course of 2018. We've got lots of great stuff coming your way so stay tuned. 

In Gratitude,