Frequently Asked Questions

Will you meet with me before we decide to work together?

Yes, and I highly recommend it! A pre-session consult is a great way for us to get to know each other and decide whether or not we’re the right fit to work together. It will also give you a chance to see how and where I work first hand. To book a pre-session consult just send an email to us here:

Where is your studio located?

I shoot out of my 1000 sq/ft studio located in the heart of SoHo. We’re within walking distance to almost every subway line.

Michael’s SoHo Studio

Michael’s SoHo Studio


I get nervous on camera, can you help me with that?

We are never more our truest selves than when we’re at play.

I believe that there's nothing more beautiful than human expression and nothing more powerful than human connection. It’s my ‘why’.

It's also why I spend most of my waking hours either behind or in front of a camera. Continuing to work both in front of and behind the camera helps me better help you to feel at ease when it's your time to step in front of the lens.

For the majority of us, the camera can be anxiety provoking. No matter how many selfies we seem to take, as soon as someone else is holding the camera we have to let go of control and that feeling of certainty. We feel anxious because we know if we’re going to be captured at our very best, we need help. We need someone that knows how to set us at ease and can create a safe space for play.

When we’re at play, we’re free from fear.

When we’re free from fear we feel empowered.

When we’re empowered we can connect with the others in a meaningful way.

When we’re fully connected, that’s when our truest and very best selves can shine through. Effortlessly. Beautifully. Which is how you deserve to be photographed.

What is the difference between your Mini and Standard Headshot Sessions?

Length of time. The Mini Session is up to 1 hour of camera time. If you elect to book my make-up artist (which I highly recommend) that time is separate from your camera time. For The Mini Session, everyone has up to a full hour of camera time. We’ll shoot a handful of different looks during this session. I don’t put a number on it, as everyone has different needs.

The Standard Session lasts 2-3 hours (that’s 2-3 hours of camera time). We’ll shoot multiple looks and get to spend more time together. Your time in make-up is not counted towards your time in front of the camera.

What is your Personal Branding Session?

The Personal Branding Session is designed to capture the most important part of your brand: You. While my Mini and Standard sessions are for those clients who only are in need of headshots, The Personal Branding Session is for those that need to tell their story in a series of photos. The session lasts 4-6 hours, involves a wide variety of looks shot in different settings. The session also includes a pre-session strategy consult to decide on exactly what your needs. Often this session is booked by Influencers, Actors, Authors, Musicians, Artists, Speakers and Entrepreneurs. Hair and make-up is included with your Personal Branding Session fee.

Do you have any testimonials?

I do! A number of my clients have been happy to create a short videos about their experience working with me. You can view them here:

Can I shave my facial hair during a session?

Yep. Many of my clients show up with a beard or some scruff and then shave during the session.

Does your make-up artist also do hair?

She does! However, as hair is something that’s very personal (and often relationships with our hair stylists tend to last longer than most of our romantic relationships), we recommend coming in with your hair how you usually wear it day-to-day. My MUA is more than happy to help maintain and take care of fly aways, etc.

Do I have to book your Make-Up Artist?

No - BUT I highly recommend it. She works with me every day and understands my lighting and overall process well. She does her own intake with you when you arrive to make sure she’s not doing anything that doesn’t align with what your current relationship to make-up is. She stays for the entire session.

How long does it take to get my photos?

For headshot sessions, you’ll have them the very next day. Personal Branding photos are delivered in about 1-2 weeks from your session date.

I’m ready to book! How do I do that?

Head on over to: where you can book your session through our online booking system.