How To (Finally) Get A Great Actor Headshot

January 21st @7pm

By Headshot Photographer Michael Cinquino

Hosted At: SoHo Creative Studio

What is a great headshot? It’s pretty simple actually:

A great headshot:

  1. Captures your individual essence.

  2. Is active.

  3. Isn’t overly stylized.

That’s it. If you do those three simple things well - you knock it out of the park. But, unfortunately, these three items tend to elude most of us.


Because most actors and photographers approach the headshot like actors and photographers. Which, would seem to make sense, but it’s actually the main reason why the finished product can fall flat.

There is another way to approach your headshots that will help you avoid the pain of spending your hard earned money on shots that don’t work for you. Rather than approaching the headshot process as just an actor, and your photographer approaching it as a just a photographer, there are two other roles that must be in place for you to get a headshot that meets the three criteria above.

Why the three criteria above? Because, more than anything else, those three things are going to help you do what you want to do:

Get called in for roles and opportunities that you’re most right for.

Why is that important?

Because if you keep getting called in for stuff you’re not right for, you’ll already be at a disadvantage before you even speak your first line at an audition. At best. Or, more than likely, you won’t be getting called in at all because you’re misaligned and your headshot is ineffective.

Come learn how to, finally, get a great headshot so that you can stop spending money on shots that don’t work for you and start getting called in for roles you’re right for.

What you’ll learn:

  • The biggest mistake people make on-camera and how to avoid it.

  • Why being attractive in your headshot has nothing to do with your looks.

  • Why does the industry still use headshots?

  • The most important role you need to cast yourself in.

  • Why most actors don’t have effective headshots.

  • What you MUST do before your headshot session.

  • How to create a headshot blueprint and marketing strategy.

  • Physical tactics to look more attractive on-camera.

  • Emotional “tricks” to look more attractive on-camera.

  • Why your headshot session is just like an acting scene.

  • How to choose a photographer.

  • Clothing! What to wear, what not to.

  • Hair and Make-Up! For the camera is different than for life.

  • How to chose your photos after the session.

  • Retouching? Prints?

  • The only two things you need to have an outstanding headshot session.

  • The marketing push, the measure and the follow up.

  • Q/A

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