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What's unique about me as a photographer is that I continue to spend as much time front of the camera as I do behind it. I've gotten to experience what it's like to be in front of the camera for photoshoots that went well as well as sessions that didn't go well. For those sessions that didn't go well, it wasn't because the photographer had a poor attitude or because they weren't trying to take great shots - they always had the best of intentions. More often than not, things went wrong because they hadn't had enough experience to consider all the things that can go wrong during a shoot that will prevent someone from feeling and looking their best. Over the last 8 years, I've continued to refine my process to help my clients to feel and look their best while in front of my camera. There are certain things I do and things I don't do in order to capture the best possible shots. My headshot set-up is a great example of this:

I use indoor natural light for my headshots while my camera is connected to a 27" 5K iMac where both myself and my clients and see the images come up one-by-one in real time. This allows us to get the most flattering photos in an environment that is comfortable and climate controlled. I highly recommend dropping by the studio to see first hand how I work and what your session will be like. You can use the form below to schedule a meeting and to gain access to my rates. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you and thank you for your interest in working with me!



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