Michael's standard headshot session rate is $1350. There is a a $675 nonrefundable deposit required to book a session;  this balance goes towards the $1350 total. Clients who tend to choose this session are actors and entrepreneurs who have an online presence that benefit from multiple looks.


Michael offers a session that runs 60 minutes at a rate of $450. There is a $225 nonrefundable deposit required to book a session; this deposit goes towards the $450 total. This session is for clients who don't need a full session and are looking to great a few great looks. 


If you're currently a student, we offer a 1/2 off student discount on The Headshot Session.  There is a $337.50 nonrefundable deposit required to book a session; this balance goes towards the $675 total.  

For our return clients, we offer a rate of $500 for the shoot.  There is a $250 nonrefundable deposit required to book a session; this balance goes towards the $500 total.


Michael's personal branding session rate is $4000.  There is a $2000 nonrefundable deposit to book a session; this balance goes towards the $4000 total.  

Personal branding sessions include a wide variety of looks at different locations. It's a great way to create a large amount of social media or website content in one day. People who choose this session are looking to establish or update their online presence. Thought Leaders, Coaches, Consultants, Yoga Teachers, Speakers, Musicians and Authors are all previous clients who have benefited from this session. These sessions include a strategy session with Michael to plan your shoot so that you can create the most attractive and captivating images for your social media and we presence. 

The Personal Branding Session is 1/2 off for returning clients or anyone currently enrolled as a student.  There is a $1000 nonrefundable deposit required to book a session; this balance will go towards the $2000 total.


Imagine getting a few months of social media posts in an hour. This session is designed to help give you fresh and compelling content for your Instagram and/or social media channels and is great for anyone that wants to build a social media following with images that will help you stand out and get engagement. The Social Media Power Hour Rate is $550. There is a nonrefundable deposit of $275 required to book a session; this balance goes towards the $550 total.


Everyone needs a great headshot for LinkedIn, Social Media and Web Presence. We'd love to help you present your most attractive and captivating self to your clients, investors and public. Please contact us directly for pricing on corporate and professional headshots: info@michaelcinquino.com


Michael's headshot sessions takes place in his natural light studio. All images are viewed in real time during the shoot on a 27", 5K monitor. This allows you to be part of the process and helps Michael to coach you to look your very best. Sessions last up to 2 hours in length and you'll shoot a variety of looks that will help you share the many different sides of your personality. By shooting in this way, we are able to make sure we know what we're getting and can adjust accordingly to capture an element of your personality that we may have missed. 

After your session (usually same day) your images are uploaded to a password encrypted online gallery that you are free to share with anyone you choose. We have a preferred lab if you care for prints or retouching, however you free to work with the lab of your choice. All images are high resolution and downloadable. 


Our makeup artist can also be scheduled for your session if you wish. While this is not required, it is highly recommended by Michael.  Makeup artist fee is due in cash at time of shoot.

A note on makeup - going to a makeup counter or having a friend do your makeup might seem like a good way to save a couple of extra bucks but at the end of the day, a bad makeup application won’t be correctable in post production. Additionally, Michael’s MUA knows how to apply for his lighting and camera set-up which is different than a normal day-to-day application.  Gentlemen, this is equally as important to even out any skin tone variance / general grooming.




You should arrive with your hair as you wear it day-to-day. Michael’s MUA is happy to help you with maintenance throughout the shoot and you’re welcome to bring your own products.  


If you'd like to shoot with facial hair and then shave / trim it mid-session, you're more than welcome to.  Bring whatever grooming products you need to accomplish this.


Michael is available to shoot Monday through Friday, with sessions starting at around 10am.   Please arrive on time for your session; Michael may have another client directly after you and we will not be able to accommodate a time extension.  We require a nonrefundable deposit of 1/2 the session fee to hold your session date / time.  Michael works on a 'first come, first served' basis, so please remit your deposit as soon as possible to hold your session date / time.

Please remember to coordinate with your work, your school, and your representation. Let them know you will not be available the day of your shoot.

Rescheduling may occur up to 72 hours before a shoot. If a client were to reschedule for whatever reason with less than 72 hours notice, they would lose the deposit. You may reschedule your appointment twice. If a client were to reschedule an appointment three times, they would lose their deposit. The shoot must occur within a year of the initial deposit, or the deposit will be forfeited.

We accept all major credit cards and cash.  Payment is due before session date if paying by credit card.   Payment to our makeup artist will go to them directly, in cash at time of shoot.  


Michael is happy to have you come visit the studio for a free consultation. To schedule this reach out to my Studio Director here: beck@michaelcinquino.com


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